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Frog Rock Access

Submitted by jimurl on Wed, 09/08/2010 - 23:45

A large land conservation project involving over 2000 acres has been underway on the Pass for the past few years. The project protects a critical wildlife corridor and provide new access points to public lands. The project will also directly benefit the climbing community.

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Without the conservation project the long-term prospects for climbing at Frog Rock would be diminished. Most of the crags on the south side, including Frog Rock, are situated on public land, but access to the rock is across private land.

The conservation project, once completed, will secure permanent access for climbers who wish to enjoy the limestone crags on both the north and south sides of I-90. Another new trail provides public access to Frog Rock and other crags on the south side of I-90.

Check out the "Frog Rcok Trail.GPX" file below. You can download this and install it on your gps device.

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